Going Beyond Basics

Working for you and for our purpose .We are committed to delivering exceptional legal services that are client centric, driven by passion and professionally powered.

Global Presence

Our law firm has a global presence, providing legal services to clients around the world. We strive to diversify and create opportunities for service globally

Aware of the Environment

We pride ourselves as a paperless and an eco-green law firm aiming to provide our clients the best legal experience in a conducive and eco-friendly environment

Who We Are

Jafarali & Company Advocates

Jafarali & Company Advocates is ideally placed to timely solve your legal problems and to operate conscientiously exceeding your expectations. We are supported by an impeccable team that is professional and ready to serve.

  • Our Mission

To provide our clients premium legal services ethically, professionally and with excellence

  • Our Vision

To be recognized as an expert law firm with continental reach

  • Our values

We picture our values from what our clients value and expect from us

Irfan Jafarali Kassam

Advocate, Managing Partner

Our Expertise

Top-notch legal services for individuals and businesses

Our experienced team of lawyers is dedicated to offering personalized and effective legal solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our team is well equipped to furnish you with ADR related consultancy and representation.

Construction and Infrastructure

We are in collaboration with Anaka Architects and Perfect Civil Contractors to bring you the full legal experience coupled with construction and architectural know-how.

Conveyancing and real estate

Through leveraging our resources, we are able to deliver competent advice and facilitate the sale, purchase, transfer, leasing and charging of property.

Corporate and commercial law

Our expertise in company law involves negotiation, drafting and review of contracts, incorporation of companies, provision of advice on the process of mergers and acquisitions and registration of NGOs.

Debt recovery

Debt recovery is the process of procuring money back from individuals or body corporates that is owed to other individuals or corporate bodies. Moved by ethics and professionalism, we ensure that our debt recovery process is smooth, effective and productive. We acknowledge our clients commercial or personal relationship with the debtor and strive to ensure the process is amicable but also efficient.


We provide legal advice and facilitate dispute resolution in all matters involving employment and labour relations: employment contacts, termination and dismal, workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety.

One of a Kind Personalized Attention

At our law firm, we follow a four-step process to onboard clients and ensure they receive the best legal representation possible.


First, we schedule an initial consultation to discuss the client's legal needs and explain how we can assist them. During this meeting, we gather information about the case, explain the legal options, and provide a fee estimate.


Next, we draft an engagement letter outlining the scope of the representation, our responsibilities, and the client's obligations, including fees and billing arrangements.


We then gather all relevant information about the case, including documents, evidence, and witness statements, which we organize and analyze to develop a legal strategy.


Finally, we maintain ongoing communication with the client throughout the representation, providing regular updates on the case, answering questions, and addressing concerns. This helps to build trust and ensures that the client is informed and involved in the legal process.

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